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Birthday Cakes

 Our cakes make your moments special , you cannot host a birthday party without a cake. We offer many different types of cakes for your birthday celebration. You can order a cake with any preferred filling, flavor, toppers, and design to match the theme of the birthday party. We can bake designer Birthday Cakes in many different shapes as well, such as heart, rectangle, star, and numbers. You can even order one based on your kid’s favorite characters.

Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake is not an ordinary dessert; it stands as a statement piece that marks the beginning of your journey as a married couple. That makes having the best wedding cake for your big day even more important. We can offer you a custom wedding cake that perfectly blends with the theme of your wedding. At the same time, we ensure that the wedding cake is scrumptious and adds more depth to your menu.


Cupcakes add a cute and lovely twist to your party menu. These adorable delights carry all the richness and deliciousness of a usual cake but as tiny bite-sized treats. You can order cupcakes in any preferred flavor and with any desired topping. We will ensure that the little packs of happiness we bake will make your event more memorable. Our cupcakes can also be the most charming gifts for your loved ones.

Baked Goodies

If you are looking to add more variety to your gourmet menu, then try out our baked goodies and sweets. From English muffins, cookies, and croissants to pretzels, French macarons, and rice krispy treats, we can offer a lot of baked items to make your party more enjoyable. You can also order dessert shooters in different flavors like vanilla cake, red velvet, tres leches, and rum cake to surprise your guests with some sweet delights.

Custom Orders

You can go for any preferred cake design and personalize it with the fillings, icings, colors, flavors, and toppers you want. Our experts will guide you throughout the process to get the best result. We can also assemble the cake at the venue on the day as requested. Note that the prices will vary according to design and shipping will not be available for custom cakes that need on-site assembly.

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