Birthday Cakes

No one can imagine a birthday party without a cake. Cakes have been an elementary part of birthday parties since time immemorial. Yet the modern baking technology and availability of customization items have made birthday cake quite distinguished from what we used to have a few decades ago. However, that has also made choosing a wedding cake a bit difficult because there are tons of flavors and styles to pick from today. That is why going the custom route for birthday cakes is more preferred these days.

BakeTastic can offer you custom birthday cakes to suit the tastes and preferences of your kid in the best way. You can order a birthday cake in any desired color, shape, design, and flavor, and even add more elements to it like toppers, gems, confetti, and sprinkles to make it more personalized. The most popular flavors for birthday cakes are chocolate, cheesecake, vanilla, red velvet, marble, carrot, and lemon. Nevertheless, you can have the birthday cake in any other flavor you like as well.

Another important aspect of choosing the birthday cake is to determine its size. You should consider how many guests are invited to the party to decide that. Our bakers will help you to settle on the right size of the birthday cake as per the number of people attending the party. Likewise, you should also make your mind up on the color and shape of the birthday cake. You can even go for your kid’s favorite movie character to make it interesting or try a customized number cake. If you have a specific theme planned for the party, you can personalize the birthday cake to match that as well.

Our bakers will suggest you how to customize the cake with toppers and a written message. You can also get creative and pass your own ideas to us to make the overall presentation better. We will guide you throughout the customization process so that the final result meets your needs and expectations in the best way possible. When on it, see how adding the decorative elements and customizing the cake affects its price. That way, you can stay within your budget when ordering the birthday cake.


BakeTastic also offers cupcakes, chocolate-covered Oreos, pretzel rods, macarons, and many other sweets and baked items. You can order those to expand your birthday party menu and add more variety to it. We can also set up candy tables at the venue to give a more alluring twist to the birthday party. Get in touch with us today to order a custom birthday cake!

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